Break Resistant Drinkware

Global Wombats Breakresistant Drinkware is the ideal choice for sparkling clear, resilient glasses and pitchers at an affordable price.

Features of Breakresistant Drinkware

Our tough breakresistant drinkware is manufactured from SAN which gives it good strength and durability.

SAN Drinkware is top shelf dishwasher safe – After many cycles through the dishwasher our SAN drinkware will maintain its clarity.

Stain resistant and Odour resistant – SAN prevents the build up of stains and odours.

Excellent insulation properties – SAN drinkware will keep hot drinks hotter and cold drinks colder for longer.

Cost effective – When pricing plays a major part in the purchasing decision SAN drinkware is the obvious alternative.

Ideal uses and situations for Breakresistant Drinkware

Global Wombats range of breakresistant SAN drinkware is ideal for the following situations:

•  Bars
•  Outdoor restaurant
•  Events, festivals and functions
•  Promotional products.

When pricing is an issue and you need a good looking, cost effective and safer alternative to traditional glassware then the Global Wombat Breakresistant drinkware is for you.

Specialty Range

    450ml Hurricane            390ml Poco Grande              425ml Pilsner             500ml Cocktail Shaker

 500ml Cocktail Shaker        500ml Cocktail Shaker         210ml Wine Taster   

Beer Range

    200ml Beer Glass             285ml Beer Glass              425ml Beer Glass         1500ml Ice Lip Pitcher

1140ml Ice Lip Pitcher       1425ml Ice Lip Pitcher

Stacka Range

235ml Stacka                235ml Stacka                   285ml Stacka               350ml Stacka

             485ml Stacka                  590ml Stacka        Feeder Lid for 235ml Stacka

Food Service Range

  2 Piece Wine Cooler          3 Sided Table Marker          60mm Sauce Dish       40cm White Oval Platter

14cm Black & White Bowl   20cm Black & White Bowl   27cm Black & White Bowl   29cm Black & White Bowl

2 Piece Server Set

Canister Range

15cmh Air Tight Canister    19cmh Air Tight Canister   23cmh Air Tight Canister  27cmh Air Tight Canister

Pitcher Range

    3.3ltr Belly Pitcher         Insert For Belly Pitcher