ShatterProof Drinkware

Global Wombats Shatterproof Drinkware offers the ultimate in performance in the most demanding areas of the foodservice industry.

Features of Shatterproof Drinkware

Manufactured from Polycarbonate our drinkware is virtually unbreakable and is of a commercial grade quality. It can handle almost any situation that the foodservice and hospitality industries can dish out.

Will not break, chip or craze – Polycarbonate drinkware is very durable and can withstand the roughest treatment.
Dishwasher safe – Our shatterproof drinkware handles with ease the extreme conditions of a commercial dishwasher.
Stain resistant & odour resistant – Prevents stains and odours forming on glass.
Excellent insulation properties – Polycarbonate is an excellent insulator and is resistant to thermal shock. Our drinkware will keep cold drinks colder and hot drinks hotter for longer than a traditional glass.
Savings in cost – Savings will be gained through the elimination of breakages and the ability of the product to go through a dishwasher thousands of times without chipping or cracking.

Ideal uses and situations for Shatterproof Drinkware

Global Wombat’s range of Shatterproof Drinkware is the definitive safety product for:

•  Around pools
•  Outdoors & major events
•  Functions & festivals
•  Stadiums
•  Bars
•  Restaurants

When customer safety and peace of mind are high on your agenda try the Global Wombat range of Shatterproof Drinkware as the safer alternative.

Specialty Range

230ml Paradise Rocks        285ml Old Fashioned            200ml Wine Goblet         265ml Martini Glass

    200ml Martini               365ml Margarita                  300ml Margarita             Stemless Hurricane

      210ml Wine Taster         200ml Festival Wine          Blue Fluro Shot Glass      Orange Fluro Shot Glass

 Red Fluro Shot Glass        Yellow Fluro Shot Glass     Mixed Fluro Shot Glass          Holass With String  

Beer Range

        568ml Nonic            1500ml Ice Lip Pitcher        1140ml Ice Lip Pitcher          200ml Beer Glass   

285ml Beer Glass              425ml Beer Glass               570ml Beer Glass                425ml Beer Mug

Traditional Range

350ml Traditional Rocks   275ml Traditional Hi-Ball   415ml Traditional Hi-Ball   285ml Traditional Wine 

200ml Traditional Flute

Coastal Range

415ml Coastal Rocks         530ml Coastal Hi-Ball         160ml Coastal Flute         275ml Coastal Wine

Eight Facet Range

   265ml 8 Facet                 350ml 8 Facet                 530ml 8 Facet                   230ml 8 Facet  

285ml 8 Facet                425ml 8 Facet

Carafe Range

 1ltr Carafe With Lid         600ml Carafe With Lid

Plate Cover Range

245mm Plate Cover           270mm Plate Cover          290mm Plate Cover

Pitchers With lid Range

 1000ml Pitcher & Lid         1500ml Pitcher & Lid         1800ml Pitcher & Lid         2000ml Pitcher & Lid

Lids & Parts Range

     Lid 2000ml Pitcher            Lid 1800ml Pitcher        Lid 1000/1500ml Pitcher     Lid 1000/600ml Carafe